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Trovato, Salvatore


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Please always call before planning a visit as our opening hours can change frequently.

Quality of Life the new Survey to improve the Quality of Life of our patients

In these difficult times from a health point of view and beyond, Diaverum has never stoppe...

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Our experienced clinic team welcomes you to DIAVERUM TROINA. In our clinic we offer excellent medical service as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere to revitalise our patients both physically and emotionally.

DIAVERUM TROINA was inaugurated in 2001 and features 11 dialysis reclining chairs. All stations are equipped with TV screens and free Wi-Fi.

We offer our patients additional clinical assistance services such as cardiological, nutritional, oncological consulting, etc.. and we take care of our patients supporting administrative activities with ASP of Enna.

As an integral part of our service we offer free meals, coffee, and tea for our patients.

Free public parking is available adjacent to the clinic.

Visit Sicily

And God created Sicily…Visit a unique place of art, archaeology, folklore. And breath and feel the heritage of Archimedes and Saint Paul. Of course, the excellent and healthy Mediterranean food is also a remarkable pro to take a refreshing vacation in this part of Italy. This fantastic island will create moments to remember!


Located in a mountainous area of central-eastern Sicily, Troina is a village of rare beauty that is home to the most beautiful starry sky in Italy. Here is what to do and what to see has the privilege of preciously guarding the most beautiful starry sky in Italy.

Troina is one of the most beautiful and interesting Italian Astrotourism destinations. The village of Troina is perfectly set within the extraordinary naturalistic and landscape setting of the Nebrodi Mountains Park and is part of the free municipal consortium of Enna in Sicily.

This magnificent village, after being liberated from Arab domination by Ruggero d’Altavilla (Ruggero I of Sicily), was proclaimed First Capital of the County of Sicily.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta - Troina

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was built in the 11th century and is the main place of worship in Troina. This beautiful religious building is rich in silver and gold treasures and also houses a very precious cycle of frescoes attributed to the painter Giuseppe Velasco.

Capitania Tower and Civic Museum – Troina

The Capitania Tower is a military attraction that once housed the Captain of Justice, was probably erected during the twelfth century and inside, between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, criminal justice was administered.

Norman Castle – Troina

The Norman Castle of Ruggero d’Altavilla was built in 1061 on megalithic walls dating back to the fifth century BC. and the huge structure once enclosed the entire inhabited center. Today very little remains of this majestic fortress and the Tower of Via Ruggero and the Bell Tower of the Matrice are visible (over the centuries they have been transformed).

Worthy of note are the Palazzo Pinatura which dates back to the 16th century, the Palazzo Stazzone dating back to the 17th century, the Necropolis of Monte Muganà and the Church of San Silvestro which was erected during the 13th century in the exact spot where the body of San Silvestro Monaco, Patron Saint of Troina.

Troina excursions

Lovers of nature, excursions and simple walks will find something for their teeth in Troina. Do not miss the opportunity to take some auteur photography or some selfies from the Belvedere of Troina which offers breathtaking views unique in the world of Etna, the Gulf of Augusta and the Ionian Sea.

Taking naturalistic and photographic walks inside the woods whose beauties were first enhanced by Ruggero d’Altavilla and later by King William, trust me, is priceless as they are places of inestimable value. For the more experienced and daring we recommend climbing the peaks of the Nebrodi Mountains. One of the most beautiful and interesting excursions to do in Troina is the one to Lake Sartori or Lake Ancipa which is an artificial basin located at 944 meters above sea level. (it is the highest in Sicily). Lake Sartori is immersed in a wooded area of over 4,200 hectares and is ideal for excursions on foot, by bicycle or on horseback (canoeing is also possible).

Mount Etna – Europe´s greatest natural wonder

Mount Etna is a living, sacred mountain of legend and myth. Sicily´s highest mountain has a height of approximately 3.300 meters. When considering an excursion, you should – even in warm summer days – be prepared to discover snow on its top.


Catania is the region where the mountains meet the sea. Experience golden coasts with orange and lemon orchards. Learn about different cultures and how they influence past and presence of Sicily, by i.e. taking an excursion to the historic Greek amphitheatre in Taormina.

“Bedda” is the Sicilian word for “beautiful” – and this is exactly how this fantastic region should be described.

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Clinic Team

Trovato, Salvatore

Medical director

Bua, Antonio

Head Nurse

"I am really grateful to the entire team at the clinic for how they are handling such a difficult situation! Covid has changed you only for the better. Thank you"
Busting myths! Disinformation has been circulating online regarding a number of risks of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination that are simply not true.

The internet and social media present us with a wealth of information as we have never experienced before, but we need to be vigilant and able to separate facts from “fake news” – especially during exceptional times such as the one we are experiencing with the global pandemic. Here are some of the myths around the COVID-19 vaccines and the facts that demonstrate they are not true.

Any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines, must pass robust safety tests before they are approved for use, and are then subsequently reassessed periodically once in use. Any approved vaccine in the countries we operate will have had the evidence of safety reviewed in detail by the regulatory authorities prior to being able to vaccinate any person. The COVID-19 vaccines have been tested in some of the largest clinical trials that have ever been performed with vaccines, involving tens of thousands of individuals.

It is not currently known if you have effective immunity from having had the disease, therefore you should receive the vaccination. However, you might be recommended to wait 90 days from diagnosis to be vaccinated. You can also be re-infected with the disease if you have had it already. Current evidence suggests natural immunity may not last very long.

COVID-19 vaccines will most commonly cause mild reactions or side effects. These reactions should go away on their own within a few days. These mild side effects include a low-grade fever, or pain or redness at the injection site.

Having the vaccination does not mean you cannot infect others although it should protect you from becoming serious unwell. There is also the possibility that you may be a silent spreader of the disease even though have been vaccinated. It is therefore important to continue with the COVID-19 steps put in place in your country and within Diaverum clinics and continue to follow the contingency plan.

No, there is no possibility whatsoever that the new RNA vaccines, like the ones developed by Pfizer and Moderna, can change the genes in your body.

It has been reported that COVID-19 Vaccines can cause infertility, due to the reaction in the body from COVID-19 vaccines. This is not true. There is no scientific rationale, or reasonable basis to believe that there is a link between the vaccination and infertility and miscarriage. In addition, no other virus or vaccination has been shown to cause infertility. There is some anecdotal evidence that pregnant women may be more likely to be hospitalised due to COVID-19 infection.

The individual is protected no matter how many people are vaccinated. It is true however that the more people who are vaccinated, the more vulnerable groups that cannot have the vaccine are protected.

Quality of life

The new Survey to improve the Quality of Life of our patients

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